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Third chapter of the previews of Bonelli books which will be published in the USA

American Bonelli:
May 1999

editors: Marco Gremignai & Fabrizio Gallerani

Usual rendez-vous, on the site of Dark Horse, with the previews of Bonelli books, in this case with the books of May.

A little delusion: the cover of Nathan Never's book (the "Italian" n.32, "Dirty Boulevard" by Medda and Bonazzi) is not available. We hope that in the future this fact will not be repeated. The dimensions of the bokks seem a little bit modified (6" x 8-1/4" and not 5-1/4" x 8-3/4").

Last but not least, there is another article by Dark Horse about Bonelli comics. It is a little presentation of three heroes (like these already known) completed by this sentence:

"As an exclusive offer to retailers, each set of Bonelli books ordered will earn retailers a free, exclusive Star Wars trade paperback, collecting the best stories from Marvel's classic 1980s series".

to be continued... next page: June 1999 (numbers 4)


Maxi covers and trailers: click on the images

Dylan Dog 3 - click (28k) 
Dylan Dog 3

Martin Mystery 3 - click (50k) 
Martin Mystery 3

Nathan Never 3 - click (cover not available) 
Nathan Never 3

(Dark Horse)


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