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Zagor FAQ
25 questions, 25 answers

Welcome Page

by Paolo Ottolina
translation by Walter Aric˛

Who created him? The first Zagor's number goes out more than 30 years ago, in 1961. His parents are the scriptwriter Guido Nolitta (pseudonym of Sergio Bonelli) and the draftsman Gallieno Ferri. The two, in 1975, will also launch another fortunate series: Mister No.

Who's he? Zagor's name is the contraction of Za-gor-te-nay, "The spirit with the axe". He was left an orphan and he has consecrated his life to the defence of the peace and of the order in the imaginary forest of Darkwood, situated in the Oriental United States. Zagor has extraordinary athletic dowries and reflexes, and he is obviously skilled in the use of his axe. His enterprises, joined to the costume's charm and to his battle-cry (a characteristic "AAHHYAAKK"!) make him to be considered from the Indian a kind of semi-god sent from Manito. The series' playground is a classical western, but Nolitta has inserted elements about horror, science fiction and detective-story.

Who are his friends? Meanwhile his inseparable partner: the small, round, voracious and very nice Mexican Don Cico Felipe Cayetano Lopez y Martinez y Gonzales, Cico for everybody. Then, Tonka, a Mohawk's sakem and his brother of blood. And still: the spectacled wizard "Many Eyes", Bat Batterton the detective, Guitar Jim the guitarist-gunman and many, many others.

Who are his enemies? Hundreds the outlaws, more or less dangerous, that Zagor has insured to justice. Perhaps the most dangerous is the genial crazy scientist Hellingen, whose plain of the world's conquest has been failed more times from Zagor. Between the others Rakosi the vampire, Kandrax the druid, his alter ego SuperMike, the spirit of the "Bad" Wendigo.

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Guido Nolitta
"Sergio Bonelli", in 1961

Gallieno Ferri

Mauro Boselli

Gallieno Ferri
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